Welcome back to the show!

Welcome back! We jump on the ol' Skype and record a new episode for the first time in over a year!

Welcome back to the show!

In this episode we have a bit of a banter and a bit of a waffle about

  • A bit of a catchup amongst the hosts after not doing one of these for a year and a half
  • Emily's fireworks and Yukata
  • Creepers in Japan
  • Apartments in Japan
  • Vaping and quitting smoking
  • Emily's hair and hair dye shenanigans
  • Reminiscing about being emo kids and Neil from The Young Ones
  • Emily has no friends and is poor
  • Emily goes on holiday to Korea
  • Neckbeards in Japan
  • Teaching American style English in Japan
  • Emily tried to use Tinder to stop being a cat lady
  • Carrying a picture of the Queen
  • The Royal Baby goes to school and nobody cares
  • Reference: CGP Grey's video The True Cost of the Royal Family Explained
  • Em's visit to Seoul continued
  • Fox goes to Malaysia
  • Karaoke in Japan
  • Future plans for Chattin Bull
  • Rafting in Japan
  • Emily says she had a ball in her neck, Fox doesn't make the joke, then does
  • Talkin bout TV - Black Mirror, Game of Thrones
  • People and their damn spoilers.
  • Castlevania and other animus
  • K-Dramas, J-Dramas and all that bollocks
  • Emily says anime weird now. Aniume.
  • Emily's maybe passive aggressive neighbours and also isn't allowed pets
  • Who the worst neighbour would be
  • Emily's in a band now apparently

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