The E3 World Cup… Mostly E3

E3 in this episode! No more World of Warcraft… We overran our WoW quota last week..

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Not in this episode:

– World of Warcraft… We overran our WoW quota last week..

In this episode:

E3 of course! – Nintendo Digital Event — Zelda — Truly open world – E3 hosts seem a bit too old. Nintendo wins the Ribbalicious “Best of E3” award – We have a quick reminisce of the 2008 Wii Music reveal – Sony conference — Last Guardian, the Half Life 3 of the console world — Uncharted 4 — Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

The FIFA World Cup 2014 gets a mention – as does Rik Mayall’s Noble England song — Get it here:

Then back to E3 – Microsoft conference — GPU upgrade via software patch — Kinect-less Xbox One.. Defeats the point — Insomniac Games — Sunset Overdrive — Halo 5 — Halo Boxset — The Witcher 3 (and a quick mention of Watch Dogs cause I got confused)

We wrap it up with verdicts, what works and what doesn’t including – E3 announcement spoilers are lame – Lack of virtual reality headset information

We also have a bit of a chat about Facebook’s Oculus Rift and what it might be used for

and another mention and farewell to Rik Mayall. Rest in peace dude.

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